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New Casinos –Introduction to New Online Casinos

Do you know that human beings are hard-wired to seek out novelty? Our brains crave it, as it is a natural desire ingrained in most people. We want to experience new things. Coming in contact with fresh situations, ideas, and commodities helps us improve our learning capacity and stimulates us to grow. Originality excites us because it signals a need for exploration, which induces thrills. Once we get overly familiar with something, we get bored. The same logic applies to the interactive gaming sector. That is why the search volume for new online casinos has been going through the roof since this sphere appeared.

Yes, the internet betting landscape is vast. However, it mostly gets dominated by big brands that can afford to spend money on advertising and sponsorship deals. While these platforms offer reliability, they are traditional in many ways. Meaning, they do not implement cutting-edge technology or follow in-vogue elements, as new online casinos do. Instead, they choose to stick to tried-and-tested options that have proved to work with casual, somewhat more adult players.

That said, new casinos for Australian players are not necessarily any less trustworthy or secure than old ones. If new online Australian casinos have the appropriate regulatory approval, they all have fulfilled the same stringent licensing criteria. Thus, safety-wise, they pretty much are all viable gaming homes. Naturally, if you opt to play at a new mobile casino, you will get the latest and greatest things this sector can offer. In all honesty, why wouldn’t you want that? So read on to learn why new casinos in Australia are a good thing to try today!

New Casinos Australia


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What Are the Best Brand New Online Casinos?

According to some estimates, there were over 3,000 betting platforms on the internet in 2018. For perspective-sake, this number was around 200 in 1996. Therefore, this sphere is drastically expanding year on year. Online casino software solutions are not that expensive these days, which means that it is not costly for gambling operators to run dozens of platforms simultaneously, targeting a wide range of demographics. Trust us. That is 100% what the larger industry entities do. So, the ocean of gambling websites keeps expanding as companies churn out new casinos each month.

Now, the phrase – new online casinos is a bit vague. How long should platforms be around before they lose this moniker – new online casinos? Meaning, when do new casinos turn into established ones. Moreover, when do renowned ones that have been around morph into passé platforms that are no longer with the times? Truthfully, this is all relative. We aim to list only sites that have existed a year or two at the most. In our opinion, those are new online Australian casinos. Brand new online casinos are sites that have been active for less than six months. However, do not hold it against us if we occasionally go past these limits. New online casinos are continuously popping up, and we do not want to feature just any old site. Meaning, sometimes, we may keep platforms of substantial quality that have been around for a while on here, listing them as new online casinos in Australia. That is for your benefit.

The main downfall of playing at new mobile casinos is that due to their novelty, they lack player reviews. Googling them may not produce many results that appear credible. That is where we come into the picture. Our team of gambling experts is continuously on the prowl for the best new casinos in Australia. They note each platform that pops up, assessing their caliber, deciding if it is fit to make our list of the best new online casinos in Australia. You can do no wrong with any of the new online mobile casinos we have selected to be featured here. It is our job to aggregate the premium ones, and we are good at it.

Why You Should Play at New Casinos

We already pointed out, broadly, a few reasons why you should look to join new online mobile casinos. Yet, those were merely brief mentions of why new casinos for Australian players are the way to go. Here is a slightly more detailed explanation regarding what you can expect to find on new online casinos in Australia, their standout aspects:

  • Innovative features – Again, what are -innovative features? Well, most older casinos lack turbo play. They do not let you check your login history, set 2FA, customize deposit/loss limits, send private messages to other players, and more. New casinos in Australia allow all this and more.
  • Advanced tech– Touching on 2FA, some new online Australian casinos are experimenting with biometric authentication. Admittedly, this function is not widely available. Yet, once new casinos iron out their kinks, they will likely be present at novel gaming sites first, as some have already tested such options. Advanced technology also refers to chat-bots, VR games, predictive analytics/data modeling, casino software for wearable devices, and other trailblazing scientific advancements.
  • Seamless mobile compatibility – In the past, everyone focused on mobile apps. They were the in thing, allowing for added convenience and faster load times. Now, improvements in HTML5 have evened out the playing field, making new mobile casinos accessible via a device browser’s super-fast. They have made a website’s mobile version competitive with what users get on dedicated apps. Today, there is little difference if you are accessing new online casinos in Australia via their smartphone application or you are opening them in your mobile browser.
  • Advanced games – New online Australia casinos look to offer a more robust gaming arsenal than one only consisting of slots, RNG tables, and live dealer options. Some also dive into provably fair titles and arcaders. The first category is super popular with crypto gamblers who salivate at the thought of verifying each result and resetting products’ random number generators. While the latter are niche picks for those who fall prey to nostalgia.
  • Alluring promo deals – On account of their lack of a reputation, something online gamblers cling onto, new online Australian casinos look to make up the difference by getting creative with their promo deals. They not only offer enticing bonuses in terms of sizeable free-play funds but try to break the industry-established patterns by finding new ways to offer promotions to their user base. We will get more into how new casinos do this further down in our guide.

Are New Casinos for Australian Players Legal?

The legal situation concerning internet wagering in Australia mirrors that in the US. Per the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001, no Australian-based company can run a business from Australian soil that offers gaming services to the country’s residents. Exceptions exist for sports betting and horse racing, as long as all wagers on such competitions get made before they start.

However, Australian citizens face no repercussions if they do not adhere to the provisions set forth by the Interactive Gambling Act. Know that it is the sole responsibility of gambling operators to ban players from Australia. They are the ones that must forbid you from accessing their platforms and using their services. That means that if you can find brand new online casinos that do not prohibit Australian players, you are free to join them. In a sense, these are new casinos for Australian players because they have decided to offer their products to residents of Australia while being well aware of the potential legal consequences of this action. Though, the reality is that no one bothers with prosecuting operators either. Therefore, you should not bog yourself down with the legalities of your online gaming activities. If the new online casinos in Australia you are considering have attained the proper international regulatory approval, that is proof enough of their legitimacy. If they let you create an account, you have nothing to worry about and can play there enjoying peace of mind.

How We Rank New Online Casinos

The barometer we use to gauge the quality of new casinos in Australia consists of eight main criteria. Of course, we look at other less essential elements when judging new mobile casinos, but the vital areas we concern ourselves with are:


All new online casinos in Australia must feature advanced SSL encryption. That is data ciphering technology that wraps all the information you share with new mobile casinos in an unhackable cover. Most new casinos choose to implement SSL encryption of the 128-Bit variety. Nevertheless, some opt to go an extra step and feature 256-Bit ciphering. You can check if the new casinos for Australian players you are considering have proper encryption by looking for the lock icon in your address bar.


Simply being a novel entry to the interactive gaming scene is no excuse for not having attained operational approval from a reputable regulator. All operators should complete a licensing process before getting one or more of their new mobile casinos up and running. Credible international overseeing bodies in this sector include the Malta Gaming Authority, eGaming Curacao, Gaming Curacao, Panama’s Gaming Control Board, and the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. The new online casinos we list all get monitored from either these or other equally trustworthy bodies.

UX design

Site navigation should be intuitive, meaning you should go from section to section of a platform in less than a second. Online businesses have placed a lot of emphasis on UX design in recent years. Thus, all new online Australian casinos adhere to modern design practices that make navigation super swift and easy.

Game selection

You join new casinos in Australia to play the most contemporary gaming products this industry has to supply. That said, you also want to go retro from time to time and experience games of yonder. The brand new online casinos we have decided to feature here have a decent blend of novel and vintage products. Never settle for picking new casinos for Australian players that offer less than a couple of hundred games. If you do, understand that you have chosen below-average platforms.


Bonuses are the chief marketing tool of this sector. Aside from a substantial offer of free-play funds, new online mobile casinos should provide an ample supply of continuously running and ever-changing promo deals. At least, they should have a few to complement their sign-up package. Particularly, look for new online casinos with no deposit bonuses, as these let you gamble for free.

Transaction options

Do not underestimate the ability to fund your gaming balance with multiple payment methods. Old and new casinos sometimes reshuffle their transaction portfolio. So you may lose your preferred pick out of nowhere. In such a scenario, you want to have a comparable one to fall back on that offers similar perks. What gamblers love about new casinos for Australian players is that these put a focus on e-wallets and niche cryptocurrencies. These two groups of money transfer solutions offer the fastest transaction speeds, and they keep financial institutions’ noses out of your business.

Customer support

It is inevitable that at some point, you will stumble on your gambling journey. Sometimes that will be your fault, and in other cases, the blame will fall on your chosen operator. Regardless of who should be held accountable, you want to resolve all issues as soon as possible. So, all the novel and brand-new online casinos we have picked have adequate customer service. They aim to solve all user problems in minutes, either via live chat or email.

Clear T&C

All new online casinos have T&C pages that list hundreds of stipulations in one document. So, the term fine print is somewhat inapplicable here, as such pages hold all required information in a river of text. However, their enormity can be discouraging to go through. That is why your operator should clearly outline all conditions while not leaving any room for misinterpretation. Our new online casinos in Australia do just that.

New Mobile Casinos & Playing on the Go

Gambling on games of chance at any time from anywhere is a prerequisite for all new online Australian casinos, which is why many also call novel interactive gaming sites new online mobile casinos. Before, dedicated software was a requirement for seamless mobile play. Yet, thanks to advancements in smartphone and web technology, that is no longer the case.

Responsiveness is a design concept that refers to a website’s ability to render appropriately on different devices and screens. When you resize your desktop browser and content reflows to a different structure, that is responsiveness at work. Brand new online casinos feature superb responsiveness, which is why they do not need dedicated software to work smoothly on a smartphone. All casino games are now running in HTML, a format adapted for mobile use. In essence, all new online casinos are now new mobile casinos because more than half of internet access occurs through smartphones. So, it would be unwise for new casinos for Australian players not to cater to smartphone users, as they make up a significant portion of their targeted potential player base.

Trends at New Mobile Casinos

Internet betting is continuously evolving, as this sphere is far from what it was a decade ago. With a stream of innovations on the horizon, it is time to look at the hottest things going at new online mobile casinos right now before they go out of style.

  • Crypto betting – Cryptocurrencies first appeared in 2009, when Bitcoin got invented by Satoshi Nakamoto. It took three years for new online casinos for Australian players to appear that accepted it. These new casinos in Australia were mainly crypto dice sites. Over time, these platforms moved away from simple, provably fair games and began incorporating reel-spinners. Nowadays, new mobile casinos that allow digital coins feature all online gaming products imaginable. The rise of crypto sportsbooks is another phenomenon in the online gambling industry that is outside the scope of this article.
  • Virtual reality games – The sector attempted to introduced virtual reality gaming at new casinos in Australia in 2016 when Microgaming came out with VR roulette. Sadly, that experiment never fully materialized. In 2021, brand new online casinos are attempting to reintroduce VR gaming via slot titles from top-end providers who are giving this genre another go. These products can only get found at brand-new online casinos that incorporate the latest tech.
  • Game show products – The croupier casino classics are still a thing, but new online mobile casinos are trying to look past them and infuse live gaming with fresh twists. One such instance is game show products, which utilize big wheels and other props to invent creative forms of gambling entertainment available at new casinos for Australian players.
  • Skill-based gambling – New generations get irritated by 100% luck-based games. Surveys back up this claim. New online Australian casinos know this, so they are coming up with new products where decision-making and expertise can lower the house edge slightly. New casinos in Australia are doing this to make themselves more appealing to Millennials and Zoomers.
  • Community presence – Building a community presence helps new online Australian casinos get insight into their users’ needs and helps them increase customer retention. They concentrate on fostering it via public chats, message boards, and social media. Unlike new casinos in Australia, older ones neglect this aspect.
  • Gamification – Gamification is applying game concepts to a non-gaming context. You may be thinking – aren’t new mobile casinos all about gaming? Yes, but new casinos also apply game principles to their promotions by implementing level systems, leaderboards, and the like.

Types of Promotions at New Casinos in Australia

The main rule of thumb for gambling over the internet is to never register with new online casinos in Australia that have few and weak bonuses. Promotions are the fuel that drives all new online casinos forward. Thus, ones that lack them are not worth your time, as you spending your hard-earned cash at new mobile casinos deserves to get rewarded by operators who have the privilege to have you as a customer. We aim to only lead you to new casinos for Australian players that have multiple promos running at all times.

The most common promotions you will find at new online casinos in Australia are:

  • Sign-up promos – These are deposit matches that virtually all new online casinos give out upon registration. New online mobile casinos will sometimes offer several ones along with some free spins to sweeten the deal.
  • No deposit bonuses– New online casinos with no deposit bonuses are the most sought-after type of new online Australian casinos. These platforms give you a small amount of cash to test out their games with looming real money prizes. New online casinos with no deposit bonuses are rare. If you find one, sign-up with it without hesitation.
  • Loyalty schemes – These are systems that new casinos in Australia feature to reward regular players. Such programs usually consist of point-collecting and multiple tiers, where you can move up levels en route to better perks via your betting activity.
  • Complimentary spins – Who doesn’t know or love free spins? Most new casinos for Australian players give away complimentary reel rotations on pre-defined high variance slots. Packages of free spins can be standalone deals, or they can supplement a deposit-match offer at new casinos in Australia.

Cashback – You may have heard of rebates in the gambling sphere under the terms cashback and Rakeback. In short, they are refunds on incurred losses that brand new online casinos give to their players. Often new mobile casinos associate such rebate percentages with their loyalty levels. The higher up you move in new mobile casinos’ VIP programs, the better refund percentages you will get on your weekly/monthly losses.

What Are the Cons of Sticking to Established Platforms?

There is no doubt that there is something pleasant regarding playing at tried-and-tested sites that have been active for years, decades even. They have attained reputations that act as comfort for players, reassuring them that everything will be fine. Brand new online casinos lack this, and players like yourself often approach them with suspicion concerning their reliability.

New online Australian casinos will never enjoy the credibility that player reviews provide. That said, the chief drawback of established sites is that they are boring. Many of them have outdated designs, do not have seamless mobile compatibility, and offer uncreative bonuses. They coast on their reputation, not aiming to improve themselves and become more attractive to new players. So, they do not even consider fostering a player community or adding innovative games.

Also, unlike new online casinos in Australia, established platforms may not offer cryptocurrencies as a payment method. If they do, chances are the Bitcoin will be the only crypto available. Conversely, new online mobile casinos let you deposit and withdraw funds via multiple altcoins. These have low blockchain fees and fewer network confirmations. Older casinos are also likely to manually process sizeable transfers, causing delays in how fast you can get united with your prizes.

Summing Up New Casinos for Australian Players

We cannot ensure that if you choose one of our hand-picked new online Australian casinos that you will be 100% satisfied. You may fall into a pitfall or experience some inconvenience stemming from the operator’s end. We cannot make any promises that everything will go smoothly. There are no guarantees in life, and the same mantra applies to picking new online Australian casinos. In our opinion, we have selected the best the internet has to offer. If you stray from the ones we have featured here, you do so at your own risk. However, that is a choice you have. New online mobile casinos are continuously coming out, so we may have missed an excellent one. We admit that as a possibility,

Remember, the number of new online casinos in Australia is swelling up each month. Brand new online casinos quickly become old ones, while novel entries claim this label from them. Whatever new casinos in Australia you choose to call home, engage in your gaming sessions responsibly. You can do so by setting loss/deposit limits and activating a self-exclusion ban if you begin feeling that you can no longer control your impulses. New mobile casinos are fun, but keeping yourself emotionally and financially stress-free is far more crucial.

New Casinos FAQ

Is gambling at new online casinos in Australia legal?

You are highly unlikely to get prosecuted for playing at mobile casinos run by a foreign company. There is no history of that. The Interactive Gaming Act only bans Austrian business entities from operating new online mobile casinos.

Are most new casinos safe?

If the new online Australian casinos you are looking at have a proper gaming license and SSL encryption, then the answer is yes. Those are secure new casinos for Australian players.

Can I gamble with AUD at brand new online casinos?

Yes, you can. All new casinos for Australian players accept AUD as well as other established fiat currencies. The most widely accepted ones at new online casinos in Australia, aside from AUD, are the US dollar, the Euro, and the British pound.

Are there new online casinos with no deposit bonuses?

Yes, new online casinos with no deposit bonuses do exist. They are rare, but they are out there. Check our list to see if some of our listed new casinos in Australia still offer no deposit bonuses.

What are some trends that new casinos follow?

New casinos for Australian players are now heavily promoting crypto gambling, offering betting races, and coming up with skill-based products. Brand new online casinos are also exploring ways to implement the latest security technology into their platforms.